May 17, 2015

Sunday's Recipe: Healthy zucchini spaghetti

It’s no secret that I love love love Italian food. You remember that time I was in Tuscany? Culinary perfection but the souvenir weight gain was definitely less fun. In the last couple of years I reduced the amount of pasta I eat, mainly because I don’t feel that well after a carb-overdose but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a big bowl of spaghetti Bolognese once in a while.

Ever since I saw a picture of zucchini noodles on Pinterest, also called zoodles, I was so curious to try it out myself. I chose the spiralizer Vegan with a twist by Attila Hildmann which you can buy from the online-shop It's such a great tool that comes with three different blades, a manual and some recipes for healthy, spiralized dishes.

So, does it really taste like spaghetti? I think with a great tomato or bolognese sauce, it comes pretty close! Asked my man how he feels about that, his response was that it was really tasty and all but that he cannot be tricked into it believing he's eating pasta. It was the same for him with a cauliflower pizza crust I did a while back. So I guess for me it works because I get to twirl my vegetables around my fork and eat something that gives me a feeling of eating my favorite dishes while being very low-carb and the feeling of having made a better choice is just priceless!

Have you tried spiralizing your vegetables? Give it a try, I’m sure you’ll love it! 

Dr. Pierre Ricaud: Whipped cream and jam for your skin

I'm always on the market for new skincare products and I enjoy getting to know a certain brand I never had any experience with. In this case it is the beauty and skincare brand called Dr. Pierre Ricaud. I have several products from this line that I'm still testing out, but here are three cleansing products I Immediately fell in love with.

No, this is not a whipped cream! But: it feels like it - so smooth and gentle. I like using the  Derma Ecolia Nuage de Mousse (which by the way means whipped cream cleanser in French) after I removed my makeup with micellar water. This cleansing foam breaks down the last makeup particles and makes sure you can finish your cleansing steps with a clear conscience.

I love me a good facial peeling once or twice a week since I'm struggling with blackheads and combination skin in general. This little tube really surprised me: Derma Ecolia Peeling à l'argile contains clay and fibers of apricot seeds. This peeling feels luxurious but still has that extra oomph. Sometimes I find peelings too gentle, but this one definitely feels like a good deep peeling, without being too harsh on your skin, of course. This peeling now belongs to one of my holy grail skincare products!

When it comes to body peelings I oftentimes get lazy and skip those steps. But maybe I might get better, now that I have this Corps Gommage Peau Neuve. Let me tell you one thing: This will make your body feel like one big baby butt :) It has a very subtle strawberry scent and the gel has two different peeling fibers in it: Bigger black and very small white ones. Also, when applying to your damp skin the gel turns into a milky formulation. All in all, I think this body peeling is simply amazing and perfect for summertime. Nothing is sexier than glowing and healthy skin.

May 16, 2015

Paradise on earth

Beach dress: Zara

Hat: Maddison, available at Manor

Straw tote: vintage, gifted to me by my boyfrieds mom

Top: Asos

Flash tattoos and Essie's "Turquoise and Caicos"

a Céline S/S 15 inspired hair style that was perfect for air-dried waves

Some places are just so peaceful and almost too beautiful to be true. When I was in the Dominican Republic almost two months ago now, often times I was so in awe that I had difficulty taking in all of this serenity. These snapshots transport me right back to this amazing island and the short time I spent there. 

 Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, March 2015

May 10, 2015

Sunday's recipe: Tarte Bourdaloue

I know what you might be thinking: pear season is over and she's posting a recipe with pears now? The timing is a little off but I still hope those who are keen to try the recipe will find a way to buy fresh pears, bookmark this recipe to try later or just go ahead and use canned pears.

But you will understand why I'm sharing this right now with you. The timing is not so unfortunate after all.

I have this friend, Natasa, who loves to bake. What she loves even more are the tastes of the Balkans - particularly the specialties of Croatia, where's she's from originally.

One day when she realized that, while it was fun to bake for friends and family, she wanted also other people to discover the taste of her homeland. That's why she started the Balkan Bakery together with the help of her mom. A couple of times a year she has a bakery display at food festivals and other fairs where you can eat yummy Ruske Kape, Cupavce and so on. Sounds yummy? Then make sure to head to the Bazar im Stall 6 next Saturday May 16th where she'll have a stand. And you probably might bump into me as well! I told you, perfect timing after all!

But let's talk about these little Tartes Bourdaloue on the pictures.

A couple of months back I found myself in the kitchen with Natasa and we wanted to bake a classic French dessert neither of us had attempted before. It was so yummy and actually not that difficult to make, so I hope you enjoy this as well. We made adjustments to the classic recipe, which you can find here along with photos that might be helpful.


For the pastry : 
-210g flour 
-125g butter, room temperature 
-35g icing sugar 
-25g almond meal 
-50g egg, beaten 
- 1 tbsp vanilla sugar 

 For the almond cream filling: 
-100g almond meal 
-100g icing sugar 
-100g melted butter 
-1 egg 
-10g cornflour 
- 1 tsp. vanilla essence 
- 2 tbsp cacao 
- 1 tsp almond essence 
- 1 tbsp milk or cream 

 Pears in syrup: 
-4 large pears 
- 750ml water 
-350g sugar 
-1 vanilla pod 
-the juice of half a lemon 
- optional: a cup of red berries to color the pears

How to:

If you don’t use canned pears, let’s start with peeling the fresh ones. Put the water, sugar and vanilla pod in a saucepan over low heat. If you’d like to color your pears like we did, add a cup of frozen red berries. When the sugar is melted, but the syrup doesn’t boil yet, add the peeled pears (still whole!) Then drizzle the juice of half a lemon. Place over medium heat with a lid and cook for 30-40 minutes, depending on the size of the pears. When the pears are soft, let them drain and set aside for the rest of the recipe. 

 Next we’re going to make the dough. Place all ingredients except the egg in a bowl or in a food processor and mix until the butter is incorporated. Add at this point the previously beaten egg, mix again just a little so the egg is incorporated as well. Put the dough between two parchment papers and roll it to a thickness of about 2-3 mm. This way you don’t need to flour your work plan. Now you can decide if you want to use a regular tart tin (about 22 diameter) or like we did four little dishes. Line whichever you choose with parchment paper and place your dough on top. Cut the excess dough with a knife and press well the sides of the tin. 

 Finally it’s time for the delicious almond filling. Just place everything in a bowl and mix well. You could add some rum if you want to. 

 Heat the oven to 180 ° C. First we’re going to blind-bake the pastry (as described here) for 15 minutes. Then pour the almond filling, place your pears (we cut them length-wise) and return to the oven for another 30 minutes. Remove, unmold carefully and let cool on a cake rack.

May 9, 2015

Green is chic

You can totally win me over with great packaging. But these chic red boxes are more than just pretty to look at. They are a trademark of Kjaer Weis, who specializes in certified organic makeup. The luxe packaging is just cherry on top!

I’m always excited to discover Swiss online shops who make these kind of brands readily available to us and green lane is one of them. They curate a selection of skin, hair and nail care products as well as decorative makeup and everything else you need for your natural wellbeing. They carry some brands I’ve never heard of and which I am exploring since a couple of weeks ago. Like this face foam wash which smells lightly of roses from John Masters or like Kjaer Weis, whose products I’d like to show you in this post.

above I am wearing both products mentioned in this post

One of the most popular products of the brand is their highlighter radiance, which won an allure award and was recently mentioned on Vogue. I was very curious to try this and maybe I’m a bit too picky when it comes to highlighters, but the glitter is too detectable for my liking. So much so that on the first week of wearing it I've had remarks like "your eye shadow smudged, you have glitter everywhere" Only wear it when the rest of your makeup is completely sheen and glitter free - lesson learned! But I love the creamy texture, the color and the sheen. Gotta experiment a little bit more with this one!

The lip tint is something I always keep in my handbag and apply throughout the day to give my lips a wash of cherry-red color (or to my cheeks) I wished that “Goddess” would be as dark (like oxblood or wine) as in the pan but upon application it's rather sheer and cherry-like, though it could be built up for more intensity.

You can check the ingredients of the products on green lane
The best part: there are refills for every Kjaer Weiss product!

Apr 26, 2015

Sunday's Recipe: Lemon, almond and ricotta cake

How much happier and more motivated are you when it's bright and sunny out? Indefinitely more so, if you ask me. I've been loving the last couple of gorgeous sunny days we've been having and seriously appreciate how it's affecting my mood. It also often translates to what I want to make in the kitchen.

Even though I've made this cake some time back, it's a perfect dessert for spring/summer. I've brought this dessert for a dinner with friends and it was devoured instantly. I guess I should add this crowd-pleaser to my repertoire.

A zesty, sunny cake like this makes it also easier to accept the fact that it’s always sunny during the work week and rainy on the weekends. Seriously, what’s up with that?

As I didn’t adjust anything to make this cake, I’ll just leave the link to the recipe. Make this to sweeten a dreary day or just celebrate life as it is beautiful, rainy or not.

Apr 23, 2015

With Huarache in Hong Kong

The first thing that pops into my mind when I'm about to explore a new city is to pack in a comfortable pair of walking shoes. Last year when I flew over to Berlin I brought my Nike Air Max Thea with me (Outfit post).

This March I travelled to Hong Kong and I figured I would need a new pair of convenient sneakers to wander around. But this time I wanted something more fun and colorful just like the city...and I found the perfect model right before I took off: The Nike Air Huarache! The Huarache model is actually one of the most divisive designs in Nike's history but I knew right away that they would be suitable for my trip.

Good shoes take you to good places, right? 

From Hong Kong Central Soho to Kowloon to Lantau Island - I had a great time and yet I sometimes forget how important it is to travel and to explore the many beautiful places on our earth. This is definitely something I want to work on and embrace more often..

I hope you all have a planned trip to tick off your bucket list!

Apr 13, 2015

Hello Spring, hello Sheer Revolution

Now that Spring has arrived, how about adjusting your makeup look - from heavier and warmer colors to lighter, fresher and maybe brighter accents? Particularly for lip looks the slight alteration could mean going from matte lips to less pigmented and shinier lips. Urban Decay recently came out with ten different sheer lip colors. Let me show you three shades of the new Sheer Revolution collection that I own:

1. Shame is a berry red
2. Ladyflower is a rosy pink
3. Streak is a pinky coral

As you can see the brighter Sheer Revolution lipsticks are pigmented enough so you actually have a good color payoff. I'm not so sure about the neutral ones in this collection, but with ten different shades to choose from, you'll definitely find your own faves.

They feel exactly like a lipbalm - light-weight and easy to wear. You don't need a mirror to apply them, which is a plus. That's why I carry around one of the lipsticks in my pouch to touch up my lips every now and then... 

Mar 29, 2015

Photography is the beauty of life captured

Old-fashioned analogue cameras bring us back to the "good ol' days". To have something tangible that captures a precious moment is a welcome change in this digital world we live in, at least for me. 

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that I flew over to Hong Kong two weeks ago and also made a quick stop in Huizhou (China) and Seoul (South Korea).

I decided to bring my LOMO'INSTANT Camera with me as a faithful companion during my travels.

As someone with little experience regarding instant cameras, I was quite excited to test the one in white from Lomography. The camera kit that I got from isda came with four different lenses (one built-in wide angle lens and additional fish-eye, portrait and close-up lens attachments) and also with colored filters. All you need additionally are batteries and a Fujifilm instax mini film. 

The camera itself is pretty boxy in shape but coated in faux-leather, which is a nice feature that gives you the feeling of carrying around a tech-accessory rather than a whole camera kit.

Since the kit comes with an extensive and easily explained manual, it didn't took me that long to get started. But nevertheless, I needed a few attempts to make the settings work - and I still need a lot more practice...

Taking photos with an instant camera is definitely something you do consciously and this demands not only more time but also patience and maybe several attempts until you get your desired outcome - and when you finally get the shot you wanted, it will make your "here and now" even more valuable.

If you want to explore what kinds of Lomo'Instant cameras are out there, have a look here!

Mar 22, 2015

Easy like Sunday Morning

One of my favorite ways to begin a weekend morning goes like this: get up, put on my fluffiest bathrobe, make coffee, light a delicously creamy and smooth candle like Yankee Candle's Shea Butter, hop back to bed and enjoy some time finding and pinning things that speak to me on Pinterest. 

I have a board called "Easy like...Sunday morning", if you want to loose yourself in this cozy atmosphere.

Hope you're having a great Sunday!


Mar 21, 2015

Ikea Home Story: Happiness is here to stay

As a new chapter is soon going to unfold in my life (more on that later), there are lots of loose ends to to be tied up that keep me quite busy these days. Many blog photographs are shot and waiting for me to be edited and posted but at the end of the day, unfortunately I rarely manage to set aside time for that. Nevertheless I am excited to share new stuff here soon but in the meantime, let me take you on a little tour of my apartment.

 I was asked by Ikea if I'd share some photos of my place that feature their furniture and other household items and I thought, why not, let's do this! These photographs were taken half a year ago and anyone who is interested in interior decorating knows that the process is never finished. It looks quite a bit different now, with more plants, even more frames, more items on the shelves and let's be honest, more everyday mess.  

On the Swiss website of Ikea you can find more monthly home stories from different Swiss cities. The little description that goes with it can be read in German, French or Italian. Click here for more snapshots. Hope you like this glimpse into my place!